Nutrition and Health Consultations

Nutrition and Health Consultations

A nutrition consultation focuses on achieving your health goals in a practical, realistic fashion. Whether you have a specific condition or illness you wish to address, or are looking to boost your energy levels, lose weight or simply maximise your health and wellbeing, a programme can be designed to suit you. Some of the areas I can help you with include:

How does it work?

Prior to having a nutrition consultation you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire detailing various aspects of your health, diet and lifestyle. This will be reviewed with you in your consultation where we will discuss your health goals. 

Sometimes tests may be recommended in order to gain a greater understanding of your health. I offer a number of tests from trusted laboratories including Genova Diagnostics and The Doctors Laboratory (TDL). There are many tests I can offer, common ones include: 

  • Comprehensive Digestive Health Screen
  • Vitamin, Mineral and Essential Fat Profile
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Screen
  • Adrenal Stress Test
  • Chronic Fatigue Screen
  • Female Hormone Profile
  • DNA Testing

A programme will be designed for you including dietary and supplement recommendations along with bespoke meal ideas, tailored to achieve your aims and suit your lifestyle.  

My clinic is based at 30B Wimpole Street, London. If for any reason you are unable to travel, I can arrange consultations via Skype. I offer on going support through follow up consultations and e-mail.

If you wish to book an appointment please get in touch on 020 7632 7574 or fill out the form on the contact page