Success Stories


I can't thank Kim enough for what she has been able to do for not only my physical appearance but also my confidence as a woman. When I first met this amazing lady her inviting and encouraging nature inspired me from the outset! Kim is not only a specialist in her field she also takes time out to understand your background and what you are trying to achieve. Having tried many diets and programs to lose weight, I've only ever been able to accomplish my goals with Kim by my side. Kim really makes an effort to understand what program is best suited to the type of person that you are. She not only focuses on helping you lose the weight she also ensures that you are doing it in the healthiest way possible. Kim sets realistic and achievable goals and as a result I was able to lose a total of 23 kgs in the space of 5 months. Thank you! Not only have I lost an incredible amount of weight...I've never felt so confident and inspired to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Kim you've gone above and beyond for me. You're a dime!
Andrea. Age 28

I would sincerely like to thank Kim for all her expertise in assisting me with my weight loss necessary for an impending operation! She is a God send to anyone's weight loss journey. Kim is so knowledgeable with nutrition and how it affects your body. Not only is she supportive and a great listener, but really understands that everyone is different and responds in different ways. She has been so encouraging and understanding whilst nurturing me through my weight loss journey. I love going to see her as she is just such a warm friendly person and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others! In fact I did , and took a friend with me to be guided by her words of wisdom and experience who has been extremely successful with her weight loss also and is now a much happier person too!
Kim is not only very beautiful on the outside but a truly beautiful lady on the inside.
So a huge thank you Kim for all your kind help and guidance. I will definitely be coming to see you again once I'm post surgery.
- Nicola. Age 49. 

Year after year I had put on weight and it had become too much. A good friend of mine introduced me to Kim and I started to follow her recommendations.
I would not call it a diet, we changed my way of eating. I looked at food in the very positive and pleasant way, thanks to her good advice. After only four months as I had lost 11 kg. This changed my life. I can breathe better, I can walk better and I feel so good! She also helped me learn how to not regain the weight which is what I had feared because this is what had happened in the past.
Kim is a professional, very attentive, caring, always ready to listen and to help. Thank you Kim.
Jacqueline. Age 70.

"Since starting a weight loss programme with Kim I've lost 11 Kilos, this was more than my target and a weight that I thought I'd never be able to reach again since having a baby. Nothing in the past had ever worked as quickly as this and I felt really motivated to continue. The maintenance programme makes me feel really good, and so maintaining that weight loss has not been difficult at all. I also feel so much more healthy and energetic. I am so happy I went on this diet, feel so proud of my achievement and am glad to look so fit and well."
- Flavia. Age 33.
"Working with Kim, I have made improvements to my health I never thought possible. Not only did she address the health complaints I asked her to, the nutrition plan she gave me improved my mood and energy levels too. I expected to come away with lists of 'banned foods' but Kim focussed on the foods I should be eating and introduced me to some great new foods and recipes.
The thing that makes her approach so different, is that she understands the way I live my life and my time constraints; which means that the changes she has helped me make were surprisingly easy to implement. Kim encouraged me to look at food in a really positive way, teaching me that subtle changes to a diet can have huge benefits."
- Rebecca. Age 41.
"Starting the Proteifine Diet weight loss programme with Kim is the best thing I've ever done! I was surprised how efficient it was, and how easy it was to stick to the food plan. It quickly became a lifestyle rather than a diet! I lost the weight target set within the timeframe and maintaining the weight has not been difficult. I've felt so motivated to focus on my health and fitness I am now training for a marathon later this year" 
- Malene. Age 36.
"Kim revolutionised my life''  
- Anna. Age 56.

"Kim was really great with me throughout my weight loss period and has been absolutely wonderful with helping me maintain my weight ever since I achieved my target. She was very attentive to my requirements and goals, she carried out a thorough analysis into the vitamins I would need while dieting and the recommendations on what I would need after. Correcting my diet, she helped me improve my general well-being, my cravings have reduced and she taught me how to eat healthily and still enjoy my food. Kim has been there for me whenever I had any questions and has been very motivating all the time, which helped a lot. I have lost my weight fairly quickly and am feeling wonderful now - thanks to her"
- Natalia. Age 27.

"I wanted to lose weight for my wedding and I first met Kim 45 days before the big day. I could first see results after only two weeks. The diet she gave me was easy to manage and I didn't have to spend a lot of time preparing meals. Kim, my nutritionist, has helped me to adjust my diet to my lifestyle and needs - her knowledge and advice were invaluable.  The end results were amazing: 14kg loss and I have learnt how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would definitely recommend this programme and again a big 'thank you' to Kim!"
- Tom. Age 30.

"When I first came to see Kim I had just turned 60 and had been through lifestyle changes due to a close family bereavement, compounded with menopausal issues.  Kim's advice, support and excellent listening skills had an hugely positive impact, and after just over a year I feel so much better; physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as being fitter and slightly slimmer.  Kim - thank you so much!" 
- Katrina. Age 61.


"In the confusing, bamboozling, world of healthy eating, Kim offers a refreshing, user-friendly approach to eating better for a fitter, stronger mind and body. Whether you want to boost energy and lose weight or alleviate stress and insomnia, Kim's no nonsense, straight talking and always effective food and nutrition plans will get you the results you've long wanted."
- Katy Young. Beauty Director, The Telegraph

"Kim understands what women want while also being uncompromising in her ethics about how to use her nutrition knowledge - she does not believe in cranky diets and uses science and common sense to create solutions that work for life. Her realistic eating plans and smart lifestyle guidance are beacons of sanity within a world that can be notoriously faddy and unsustainable. She is immensely likeable and easy going too, I think she's a real star."
- Kate Spicer. Journalist. The Sunday Times.


"Kim successfully worked with Cisco's Occupational Health Team to screen employees and provide individualised programmes to improve their health and wellbeing. The feedback we have had from the Occupational Health Team and from members of staff have been nothing but positive. She has a professional and friendly approach and her recommendations have had a hugely positive effect on employees. Our Occupational Therapist admits to having learned a few things from sitting in on Kim's assessments too. We look forward to our continued working relationship with Kim"

- Phil Smith. CEO, Cisco UK & Ireland