5 Common Causes of Bloating

Most of us have experienced bloating at some point. The causes are many and varied and symptoms can range from mild and infrequent to consistent and pretty unpleasant. Here are 5 common causes of bloating...

If Sugar is Bad, Should You Eat Fruit?

Given all of the negative press it's received you can't have failed to realise that sugar isn't good for you. But if sugar is bad, what about fruit? Fruit contains a fair amount of sugar, does that mean you should cut it out of your diet completely?

Are Your Scales Lying to You?

There are times when losing weight can be a frustrating process. Sometimes, as hard as we try, that number on the scales just doesn't come down like we had hoped it would. But just because the number on the scale isn't moving, it doesn't mean your efforts aren't having an impact.