5 Common Causes of Bloating

Most of us have experienced bloating at some point. The causes are many and varied and symptoms can range from mild and infrequent to consistent and pretty unpleasant.

I've recently been writing a few health columns for The Sun. My latest column, in the paper last Friday, covered five of the most common causes of bloating.

If you suffer with bloating and have already tried out the tactics I discussed in the feature then it's worth investigating the root cause in more detail. Bloating is often just one of a number of digestive symptoms that end up categorised as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

For my clients with IBS I advise a simple to carry out, yet incredibly comprehensive digestive health test. It looks at levels of beneficial bacteria, presence of pathogenic bacterias and parasites, as well as markers of inflammation and indicators of how well your body is digesting foods.

I have worked with clients who have suffered for years with digestive issues without knowing why. Testing enables us to get to the root cause of the problem and address it in a very targeted fashion. I've seen this result in complete elimination of symptoms and consequently it's changed people's lives...

Often the causes of bloating are fairly straightforward but if yours aren't, and if you suffer with additional IBS symptoms, do get in touch